313. Poker

Updated: Apr 24

I officially have NO POKER FACE.

It's always something I had suspected. I'm a terrible liar and always give the game away so there was minimum chance I'd find I was a secret pro when we played poker tonight. My business co-founders Mel and Duncan are staying with me at my parent's caravan by the sea and in the evenings we're spending time chatting and drinking, in my case, the most ridiculously sweet fruit ciders known to man (poor Morrisons panic choice) Duncan has brought his poker kit so we decide it's a good f---it as i've never played before.

I think I pretty much glided through the game not actually knowing at any point what I was doing but sometimes hitting, by a law of averages, on a winner and then not realising I'd won. So I don't think I can say I 'learned' poker per-se but Duncan was a good teacher and really tried to wedge the knowledge in my brain.

I don't think I'll be turning pro anytime soon.