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223. Visiting Aberystwyth

When I was at school we took a trip to Aberystwyth to study the sand dunes at nearby Ynyslas and do rock pool studies at Borth beach. I remember it being beautiful but have never been back since so I jumped at the chance to spend a few days with my friends Richard and Neil who live there for Richard's 40th birthday celebrations.


With Richard Steele and Neil Jones

I used to work with Richard at a small design agency in Buckinghamshire and Neil is his husband. Over the years we've had lots of adventures together and I know we'll have lots more.


The train journey to Aber feels like an adventure in itself, 5.5 hours in total from London and pretty much as far as the train could go before it hits the sea. As I watched the scenery outside changing as the train crept closer my shoulders lowered and I could feel the weight of a busy week start to lift.

Richard and Neil have a beautiful dog called Wolfie and when I arrived he needed walking so we headed over to the beach, about 1 minute walk from their front door. I'm jealous. I love the sea and having it so near must be such a soothing thing. We sat on the beach while Wolfie ran around like a lunatic with his new found canine friend.

I had been in Aberystwyth no longer than an hour and I was already wondering why it had taken me 20 years to come back.

(Here are some gratuitous photos of Wolfie, in no way adding to the story but just because he's completely adorable!)

I'm looking forward to spending the next few days with Richard and Neil and their friends and family. And finally re-exploring Aber.

Rich, Neil and Wolfie with their friend Alison


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