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157. Going Android

Being a designer it's almost a given that you use Apple products. And most of my life I have.


Since switching over to a PC desktop computer a few years ago I found my productivity increased because the accessibility features work much better for me.

Every time I upgrade my phone I usually just choose the next model up of the iPhone because I know how to use it. But I've been swearing at my phone quite a lot recently and as I was due a renewal I plucked up the courage to try something new.

I ordered a beautiful Samsung phone with a screen that stretched halfway down the sides. It was stunning. But I realised pretty early on that I wasn't going to be able to use it. I powered through for a few days but literally every time I touched it the screen was so sensitive and there was nowhere for me to hold it when shaking that didn't activate something. So I sent it back.

My hand was hovering over the website link to just order the next iPhone up when I saw the Google Pixel and having not sufficiently learned my lesson I ordered it on the spot and took the chance.

And it's great. I can actually use it. Result.


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