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125. Graffiti

I've always wanted to try graffiti. It's one of those things I thought I might be good at with my background in art and current career in design.


With Charlie Brake

Charlie was one of the stars of TV's Love Island, is heir to the Brake Brothers catering dynasty and Creative Director of a clothing line The Inner 13. His family are avid supporters of the work of Parkinson's UK and Charlie has run the marathon for us. He is an absolute sweetheart.


Turns out those things count for nothing when you're wielding a temperamental paint spraying menace. I asked Charlie whether he would like to join me for this one as he's always come across as fairly creative and now he has his clothing range graffiti might be a fun tool. Turns out he was better than me even though he swears he doesn't have an artistic bone in his body.

Jeremy, our teacher, showed us some tricks, styles and techniques and I managed to forget all of them when it came to our practical session. We created stencils from card, sprayed our canvases and just began layering up the spray paint using those stencils. I decided to create an image of my camera with my arrow icon. Charlie made his brand logo spring out of the board with a drop shadow. I threw gold spray at mine and it looked like a child had been let loose on it.

'Life is too short to not try new things. I think in some cases people worry what others may think when it comes to trying something new or out of the ordinary. I say f--k what people think and do what makes you happy. Yes to the F---itlist!' Charlie Brake.


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