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86. Home beer tasting

I've done beer tastings in breweries before but never at home so when Richard was visiting and I knew he knew something about beer I thought this would be a great opportunity.


With Richard Steele

Richard was the copywriter to my designer at my first agency job, a small outfit in the middle of a field in Buckinghamshire. We became friends bonding over a love of typefaces, folk music and sitting on his canal boat drinking wine. I admire Richard most for his true f---it attitude when it comes to diving into life and the opportunities it offers. Richard now lives in Wales and is a freelance writer and editor.


We got our beers from here, our printable scorecards from here and our tasting advice and guidance from here.


First up was a refreshing light and citrusy number with grapefruit undertones. We both really liked this and thought it was quite drinkable.


The second was a slightly heavier beer that tasted of smoked cheese, nice to start with but a bit strong after a while and with a flavour that didn't linger on the tongue and felt quite one-dimensional.


We ended with a coffee flavoured dark beer which was delicious and we could have drunk for hours.

'Why is it important to try new things? Because experiencing new things means we're alive. And avoiding them is a kind of death I think. Even old, familiar, safe things were new once.' Richard.

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