303. Laughter yoga

Updated: Apr 24

I've been meaning to do laughter yoga for ages. In fact I was booked into a class last week but ended up not being able to attend so I was really happy when I saw it on the agenda for this weekend.

With Laughter Yoga coach Lotte Mikkelson

Lotte, our lovely coach, started off by telling us we might find it a bit awkward at first but we'd warm up to it. She had a fantastic laugh which just sort of exploded out of her mid sentence at times making us all giggle with its infectiousness.

We ran through a number of exercises which loosened us up, dropped our inhibitions and reduced us all to a giggling mess. We had a feeling we were going to be pro's at this.

And clearly also pro at barnyard animal impressions.

At the end we lay down on our backs in a circle and slowly the laughter started up out of nothing, and for 12 glorious minutes it rose to a raucous rabble and dropped to a single snort or stifled chuckle each of us laughing at each other's funny noises. By the end of the session i had tears streaming down my face and a sore diaphragm from laughing so hard but my whole body felt happy.

As a big advocate anyway of a good giggle helping everything I loved this and felt invigorated all day.