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32. Making maps

There's something magical about maps. They're the start of something, the planning, the adventure, the right and wrong turns.


With Anthony Goddard and Ryan Nevius (ZeroSixZero)


When the guys at ZeroSixZero kindly said they would make me a map to plot my shenanigans on they probably didn't realise what an annoying client I am. But they were polite, above and beyond helpful and didn't even snap when I made them change the arrow map pointers to point in a more 'on-brand' direction.

'More than just trying new things, I think it is imperative that I regularly push myself out of my comfort zone. Seeing new places, enhancing my knowledge base and skillset, and injecting a little more adventure into my life on a regular basis has been the key to personal growth, enlightenment, and happiness – especially during my adult life. High on my list of things to try in my 30s is to learn to fly a STOL airplane into the mountains.' Ryan

I LOVE my map, I'm a real nerd about them and plotting the locations this year is going to be great to see at the end. You can access the map using the graphic at the top of this, and every, blog post or directly here.

'If it were possible, I'd love to ski solo from Russia or Canada to the North Pole! I think trying new things is essential - to shift perspective, see the same world through new eyes, to better understand yourself, and others.' Anthony.


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