211. Murdér Express

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Tonight we boarded a train with a muddle of strangers bound for a place called Murdér. We had the feeling this could only end one way.

With Amy Dodge

Amy is Media and PR Manager at Parkinson's UK so well used to my hairbrained schemes. Most weeks I stop by her desk and utter the words she must dread 'Amy I've had an idea...'. She's always enthusiastic and supportive and barely even flinched when I asked for her help promoting this project and it's media unfriendly name! She's become a friend rather than just a colleague.

Every good journey has a strong 'Before', 'During' and 'After' and this was no exception.


As we entered the location for 'The Jewel Of The Empire', a new immersive experience held on The Murdér Express, we couldn't help but be amazed at the attention to detail. It felt like we were embarking on a proper adventure to the point I had butterflies in my tummy and had to give myself a talking to. The setting was perfect, full of interesting things to look at, not least the giant gemstone which would be accompanying us on our voyage. As it got nearer to our departure time a collection of interesting characters joined our gathered groups and started getting us into the story.