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46. Patchwork quilting (day 1)

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

There's something quite magical about patchwork. All the little scraps of fabric link to something else or mean something.


A couple of years ago I got really into sewing and I opened an etsy store and had a physical store for a week in Greenwich. I handpainted all my fabrics so when I closed the store I was left with loads of beautiful scraps with too much potential to just throw them away.

So I decided to spend 2 days helping them achieve their destiny in the form of a modern looking patchwork quilt.


So, day 1 involved choosing, cutting and laying out my fabrics and day 2 i'll stitch them. I selected a mix of florals and watercolours mainly in blue, green and pink and i'll assemble them in a random brick pattern.

Watch this space!


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