304. The newspaper game

Competitive? Tick! Crafty? Tick! Likely to end in someone almost losing their face to a spatula? Tick!


1) A stack of the same newspaper

2) 3 objects of the same type but different sizes

3) Some super competitive participants split into teams of no bigger than 5


1) In advance scour the newspaper for 15 facts / stories / figures you can turn into questions ie: 'how much does the Bath Marie Curie branch need to raise to reach it's appeal goal?'

2) Prepare 5 paper based challenge activities e.g act out something from the news with paper props, do the wordsearch, build the tallest tower from newspaper and tape only, paper aeroplanes and a newspaper fashion show.

3) Place your 3 items on a central table to where everyone's seated


1) Teams can divide the newspaper how they like amongst themselves, may look through it in advance but may not start looking for a specific answer until the question has finished being read out.

2) Once a team has found the answer in their paper a team member grabs the biggest size of the objects from the table and whispers their answer to the judge. If they get it right they get points (3 points for the largest object, 2 for middle, 3 for smallest). If any of them get it wrong they have to return their item to the table and it may be grabbed by any of the other teams.

3) After each set of 3 questions it's activity time. The winner of each activity gets 3 points, the runner up 2 and third place 1. The newspaper creations should be taken apart again and referred to for each section of the quiz.

Those who can't handle fabulousness should avert their eyes now.

2 teams drawn at a tie calls for a quickdraw shootout.

Thanks to Bex for the game.