310. Valentines graffiti

Technically not my first time trying graffiti (regular f---itlist readers will remember I made a small canvas with the lovely Charlie Brake last year). But i've never done it on a wall so i'm taking this as something new.

With Sophy Robson

Sophy is a graffiti artist who works under the name SoFly. I didn't realise until I got home and looked on the internet that she is someone i've wanted to meet for years. Sophy is also a brilliant nail artist and before Parkinson's when i loved nothing better than to make my claws beautiful, she was my icon.

I've never been down into Leake Street Arches near Waterloo Station but have peeped in from street level many a time. A hub for street art and skating i've never felt cool enough to venture down there but a free valentines graffiti class seemed like the perfect trojan horse.

Sophy walked us through the basics of shading, making things look 3D, adding shine, outlining and adding details and pattern. She then allocated us each a letter from the words 'YOUR TRUE LOVE', a space on the wall and we were off.

I sort of knew what I was doing but my friend Sarah was better at neat outlines. #Dreamteam.

Sign up for a free graffiti class here.