302. Weekend with wild women

Updated: Apr 24

Before you get too excited I did a bit of Sun newspaper on you there. This was in fact a weekend 3rd birthday celebration for my wonderful friend Bex's business 'Love Her Wild'.

Love Her Wild is an adventure community for real people, real women in fact. It's rooted in supportive, non-aggressive, non-judgy, non-results focused experiences in a community with the same values. Bex, it's founder, is one of the best people i've met since I was diagnosed and randomly found myself part of the adventure community. Mainly because I admire her as a businesswoman and trailblazer but also because she's just so damn lovely.

Her community is also lovely. I've not met one diva which is miraculous when sitting in a room with women who have flung themselves up mountains and swim in freezing seas on the regular and have achieved so much personally. It's always been incredibly warm and opened its arms to me.

This weekend Bex has hired an amazing old school in Hampshire for us all to come together, have fun and reflect on the 3 years her business has been encouraging women to be their best.

There's games, fantastic veggie food, dorm bedrooms, a violent storm on it's way for Sunday and a cake with a whale shark on it. I have a feeling this is going to be brilliant,

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