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148. 12.5 hour flight

The longest flight i've ever taken to date.

Awards go to:

Clare Lindley, a wonderfully chatty and entertaining person with Parkinson's in the seat next to mine who kept me enthralled for 11 of those hours with conversation, stopping only to eat and watch 40 minutes of the newest Bridget Jones movie.

Helen Matthews, Director of the Cure Parkinson's Trust, who checked on us regularly and provided snuggly shawls when we got chilly, bags to elevate feet and genuine warmth in a way that only she can.

The BA air hostess, who let me stay in the plane toilet being sick while everyone else disembarked, after things made a surprise ikky turn for no obvious reason.

Paul Jackson-Clark and Steve Ford, senior leadership at Parkinson's UK AND excellent wheelchair pushers.

The man on passport control at Heathrow, who when faced with 2 smart looking men wheeling a pale girl clutching sick bags with pasta down her front through security claiming they were 'work colleagues' didn't even raise an eyebrow

Jordan Webb, my excellent friend with Parkinson's who saw me home safely in a taxi.


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