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269. Marvo Mysteries

I love escape rooms. There's something about the light peril and opportunity to pretend you're a bank robber/ asylum patient/ spy for an hour that makes me get completely over-excited.



When myself and my colleagues found ourselves in Bournemouth for a week-long working residential stay we looked at the options for activities to fill the weekend with. Marvo Mysteries, an escape room, came up as one of the best things to do in the area. I reached out to the owners Lizzy and Steve who very kindly booked us in to enjoy their space.

All good escape rooms build the drama and tension as soon as you arrive and the holding bay we waited in couldn't have felt more different from the busy high street a few metres away. With a green light and a click of the door lock we were in.

Once inside we were treated to a room packed full of movie artefacts and antiques, clearly the collection of two people who really love films. It was an incredible sight and I could have spent all day looking.

After a few minutes to look around we were given our orders and sent into a room. And the cryptic puzzles and fun began. Obviously to make sure I don't ruin the experience I won't share any of the details of the escape.

But my goodness it was good.

The rooms were intricate and had lots of fun devices and instead of being for show like most escape rooms you could interact with EVERYTHING. I even let out a squeal of joy at one point.

We burst out of the exit with a few minutes to spare on our 1 hour time limit and it was unanimous that what we had just experienced was very very cool. I think I'd go as far as saying it's the best escape room I've done! High praise!

You can book the brilliant Marvo Mysteries here. Can't wait for their second room to launch next year.


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