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266. Salt cave

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

I'd never heard of a salt cave. So when one came up on Groupon I thought it might be worth a go. Googling it I found it had some benefits for a whole host of conditions, none of which I had, except for a small patch of eczema and a sometimes sniffy nose. Oh well.


On arrival at The Salt Cave in Walthamstow my first observation was that I felt the immediate sensation of having been at the beach far too long. The salt hung in the air and clung to everything giving it that feeling that can only be described as 'fingernails on a chalkboard.' Shudder.

We put our belongings into lockers, covered our socks with impish blue protectors and were ushered into a dimly lit room lined with salt. We snuggled down into the salty chairs under salty blankets and closed our eyes listening to the background track of beach noises. After giggling uncontrollably about the randomness for about 10 minutes I fell fast asleep.

After an hour the lights came up, the music intensified and kicking off our blankets we headed back to reception. I felt like I'd fallen asleep in a packet of crisps.

It was definitely an experience, but I'm not sure I felt the benefits enough to go again!


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