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119. 6 year anniversary

Six years ago today my Mum, Dad and I stumbled a bit bleary eyed out of a neurologists office at King's Hospital in Denmark Hill. We called my brother, sent a few texts and then went and had a cup of tea, a very British way of dealing with the crushing news we had just been dealt. I had Parkinson's.


With Annie and Ned Lawton

My brilliant Mum and Dad


The way we chose to spend the rest of that day, lunch and a stroll on the South Bank, has guided us ever since. Every year on 29th April we get together and do something fun to celebrate all the good things that have happened during the year, the achievements, the middle fingers stuck up at little P.

My first year anniversary my parents bought me a charm bracelet, I loved it, I had had one as a child and relished adding to it. Dangling from its links was a charm in the shape of house keys, a nod to the fact I had bought a house, a huge milestone, during that year.

And the loveliest tradition was born.

The year after they surprised me with a charm in the shape of a suitcase to celebrate a whole host of trips.

The year after that I launched my book on that day and a little book charm was waiting for me in a tiny box.

A miniature TV with an actual photo of the 'Big Life Fix' was attached in 2017.

2018 saw a ship to represent my time on the Jubilee Sailing Trust's 'Lord Nelson' added.

And this year I pulled the ribbons to unbox a real beauty. This year Mum and Dad surpassed themselves commissioning a tiny 'F---itlist' arrow in the exact shade of yellow of my pin badges. I'm in love.

I am incredibly lucky to have a family who can turn a scary milestone into something to feel proud of, it amazes me how they've done that. I wonder what my 7th year will bring!

My arrow charm was made by Julie Frazer.


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