290. Carrying on

When I started this project my aim was to start and end it on the 1st January, a complete year of something new every day.

For a couple of months that went to plan. Work was quite quiet and I had time outside of it to do all the relevant admin (it takes a long time to source, contact and plan all the activities) to make it all happen.

Then suddenly I changed jobs and it became a bit more tricky because I was busier. But I still had my hands on the reins and the wheels hadn't fallen off yet so I powered through.

Then in October I joined a business incubator to build my own company, something I don't think I would have had the courage to do had this list not changed my way of thinking. But I noticed that the evening and weekend activities I was trying to cram in were becoming the monkey on my back and that was never how it was supposed to be.

I made the decision, as I had earlier in the year, to down tools on this blog for a little while to let myself focus on the new job and rest outside of the office.

And I have to say even though it was tough at the time I know I made the right choice. I initially felt like I had failed the task I set but now I get to look forward to some fun things this year too. I still have 75 glorious days available to fill with newness!

Tonight I celebrated probably the most eye-opening year of my life so far with a couple of friends. One who really understands the challenges of having a condition and has had many adventures with me this year. And the other who I'm building my business future with. It seemed a pretty apt guestlist.

Happy New Year everyone!

'Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.' Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Project sponsored by ViaVan, the fair priced taxi system.


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