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67. Anatomy Lab Live

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

I've always been a bit cavalier about blood and guts. It sort of goes with the territory of having a long-term condition I think, you can't really be squeamish.


With Cherry, Rio, H and Z


When I was at university I was the only one man enough to pull a shard of glass from my housemates foot. My tweezers sanitised over a hot flame and cheap vodka to act as an antiseptic worked pretty well considering the drunkenness of the person operating.

I was intrigued when I saw Anatomy Lab Live advertised, dinner and disection, the idea being we have something nice to eat and then learn how to dissect organs, what's not to love.

The scene was setup as if an accident had taken place, a road traffic collision between a bike and a car and our patient was the motorcyclist. We were all given roles in his care. I was a paramedic which meant I had to learn the language to successfully communicate during the handover of the patient to the team at the A&E department. Throughout the event we were shown different scans and videos to explain his condition and encouraged to try potentially life-saving techniques using animal organs.

I went to this event on my own, something I was a little bit worried about for such a strange event. But I needn't have worried, I'm noticing that this list is a great tool to open a conversation an make deeper connections with strangers as a result. I was sat with the lovely Cherry, her daughter Rio and their friends H and Z. H and Z were so much fun to watch because they were really enjoying the process, dissecting stuff they shouldn't be dissecting, poking their fingers into things, asking great questions.

I felt like for this event to be more enjoyable for me personally I should have paid more attention in Biology class, but it was definitely an experience to really throw me out of my comfort zone. I would recommend it to anyone with an avid interest in biology or who works in healthcare and is keen to gain hands-on knowledge of emergency care.

Get tickets here.


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