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196. Becoming an aunt

Sorry every other activity I've done this year. We have a new winner.


For Jonah.

We’ve been waiting for the phone call

I’m so glad you’re in the world

You were getting far too cozy

In a bundle you were curled

I wonder what you’ll make of us

Our quirks, our smiles, our voices

I’ll try to play it cool although

My little heart rejoices

I’d run there just to meet you

Skip there lightly on my tip toes

But for now i’ll have to do with

Pictures, videos, voice memos

On meeting please forgive me if

From sleeping deep you wake

To find you’re in the arms of someone

Trying not to shake

I’m hoping that you’ll like me

That my stiffness isn’t scaring

I’m sure like both your parents

You’ll be sweet and kind and caring

I’d love to be your confidant

The one who buys you sequins (boys can wear sparkle too)

And maybe when you’re old enough

Who takes you for a few gins

You’ve got an awesome mum and dad

You’re lucky that they’re keepers

I hope you let them rest sometimes

‘Coz both of them are sleepers

If you ever need an ear to bend

Or shoulders to lean on them

My heart and doors are open wide

All my love. Already. Auntie Em x


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