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201. Bottomless brunch

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

I've never had a bottomless brunch. Which is odd to me because it has all the elements I like; neverending (for 2 hrs) drinks, plentiful yummy things to eat and the bonus of being one of those 'inbetweeny' meals where you can consume what you like and pretend it never happened come dinnertime.


With Sarah Waite

Founder of Sēing, Sarah is a qualified psychologist, coach, hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, and vibro-acoustics (sound healing / gong) practitioner. She’s been meditating since her teens, and even (accidentally) lived with nuns. Over the years, she’s taught, worked with hundreds of people and companies, in sessions, events, talks and workshops, all over the world. I met Sarah at an event I was sharing my story at and loved her warmth and openness.


For me there's 3 things a Sunday activity needs to offer in order to make me leave the cosy nest of home.

Good surroundings:

Our hosts, Drink Shop & Do, are based in a parade of lovely little shops not far from Kings Cross station. The interior is a visual treat with lots of gorgeous tassel garlands and weavings hanging from the walls and ceiling. Our waitress tells us the owner makes them and they also run craft workshops in the next door room. I get the feeling myself and the owner would get on as she has a similar aesthetic to me, brights and sparkles, and she covered an entire wall with glitter in the ladies toilet. She's clearly a genius.

Good food:

They describe the food offering as 'Delicious Things On Toast' and they weren't lying. We started with guacamole slathered onto sourdough bread with lots of lime zestiness and a kick of chilli. They vanished and were replaced by some yummy ham ones and smoked salmon with chives. I wanted to try all the options but got full really quickly so will have to choose them next time. It was good, flavoursome, fresh food and really filled a gap.

I opted for the 'boozy' version of the brunch so had a couple of glasses of prosecco but then got excited about the range of mocktails and started working my way through the list. Their non alcoholic Rum Ba Ba, delicious and creamy with a passionfruit kick, got us hooked and we had 3 or 4 of those. They are heaven in a glass.

And good company:

Totally worth venturing out on a rainy Sunday for I would say.

Book Bottomless Brunch at Drink, Shop & Do here.


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