148. Bullet train

To get to Kyoto we needed to get the bullet train. When I heard this I got a little bubble of excitement in my tummy. It's got that legendary status about it which I wanted to experience. I was ready to go fast!

Erm …. it didn't feel very fast. Maybe my expectations were a bit unrealistic ( I was imagining I might feel at least a little bit travel sick!) but it was no more exciting than a Virgin Pendolino (vomit inducing in my experience) It was ridiculously clean but I can't imagine anyone's ever bucketlisted 'travel on a really immaculate train.'

The thing I did enjoy about the journey was seeing the landscape change as we passed through various places; fields and views of mountains replaced by industrial sites then as quick as a flash back to green.

And it got us from Tokyo to Kyoto to start the next bit of our adventure.

Project sponsored by ViaVan, the fair priced taxi system.


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