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206. Butchery

Me + sharp knives = danger. Me + sharp knives + a stressful taxi journey meaning I arrive late and am jittery = possibly the most terrible idea ever. So after getting stuck in traffic and missing half of the demo I decided to spectate this one.


With Daiga Heisters

Daiga heads up the Excellence Network at Parkinson's UK. The Excellence Network are a group of healthcare professionals who have committed to learning about Parkinson's to help provide and champion an excellent service to those with the condition who receive their care. Daiga is a force to be reckoned with, always has a solution to every challenge and is the human embodiment of a warm hug.


The workshop took place at Flat Iron, the steak restaurant in Covent Garden. Their in-house butcher Calum took us through how to prepare a flat iron steak and made it look so easy, describing the meat like 'cutting butter'. By the faces of Daiga and the other participants in the hands of a novice it was more like a cheddar.

Jokes aside they did a good job and Calum taught us some great tips.

Daiga and I decided we couldn't leave without sampling one so headed to the restaurant table kindly pre-reserved for us by the lovely staff. The steak was DELICIOUS. As were the chips. And the gin cocktail.

This workshop only cost a tenner and we received 45 minutes learning from an expert, a steak to take away and cook at home and a knife. I can't recommend this highly enough.

'You are never so old that you can't learn something new. I always enjoy skill based learning. Butchery could come in handy in the future!' Daiga Heisters.

Book onto a workshop here.


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