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160. Camp Yestival

For the past 3 years i've been attending and speaking at the positivity microfestival Yestival organised by my friend Dave Cornthwaite.


It takes a lot of organising to run a festival each year so this year Dave and the Crew decided to run it at a fraction of the size and make it Camp Yestival entertaining just 150 people.

Dave asked me to do 2 talks on the saturday, 1 about this project and the headline act. I decided the Yes Tribe needed to meet Edna the puppet so she joined me on stage and hogged the limelight.

It was lovely talking about this project with people and sharing my scrapbooks, it sort of reinvigorated me. Sometimes it takes telling someone else about something for you to realise how you really feel about it. I had become a little apathetic about it due to work being busy and not having proper time to focus on bringing in new adventures.

But sharing my stories of what i've done so far really fired me up and pushed me to kick start the momentum when i got home. I suppose it's only right that an idea born at Yestival 2018 should be injected with energy at the same event a year on.

Photos by the fabulous Julia Geens.


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