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249. Popup painting

So fair enough, painting isn't a new thing for me. But trying to replicate a Kandinsky painting whilst drinking a Pornstar Martini from a can is.


The concept behind Popup Painting is pretty genius. Appearing in various locations across London participants they make art accessible. Participants are encouraged to try and copy a specific piece of art but told it's okay if they would rather just paint their cat instead. It's BYOB and fun is the tone so it's not like stuffy art things I've been to before.

George and Anastasia would be our hosts today with Anastasia doing the painting. They were brilliant, so enthusiastic and helpful. The whole mood of the evening was underpinned by a Russian music playlist to transport us back to Kandinsky's time. Then Rihanna came on.

I started off pretty well although perhaps some proportion issues early on and it was looking fairly similar to the original. And then suddenly within 10 minutes it did't anymore. Looking at the artwork of the girl sitting next to me against mine it was pretty difficult to believe we had apparently copied the same image.

I'm pretty pleased with my work. It looks like it has more movement than Kandinsky's which I love. Sorry Wasilly. I went rogue.

I would highly recommend Popup Painting for date nights, girlie nights and just fancy seeing what you are capable of nights.

Book a class here.


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