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243. Celebrating Parkylife

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

I first mentioned Parky Cards back in June when I was handed a box of them by my good friend Matt Eagles.


With the Parkylife team


Tonight was the launch of Parkylife and the Parky Cards. Each card has been illustrated by a different artist and these were all displayed around the room. It was such a show of positive messaging around Parkinson's written by people with Parkinson's that it made me feel sunny inside.

Matt was on form holding the audience in the palm of his hand in the way he always can. The man is remarkable and my Parkie role model and it was lovely to see him in his element. Matt and the rest of the Havas Lynx Parkielife team should be so proud of the work they've done.

I got to meet the lovely Lou who was Creative Director on the Parkylife project and I think we were fan-girling each other!

Check out the Parkylife positivity and buy your merchandise here.


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