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82. Cheese making

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

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With Simon Lacey and Rachel Marshall

Simon is the cheesemaker extraordinaire behind Lacey's cheese and Rachel runs an experience company specific to Yorkshire called Uniquely Local. Rachel was the first person i reached out to for this project and the first person who said yes.


I'm noticing as I go through this project some people are incredible craftsmen/women but they aren't naturals at explaining it to others or aren't great at running classes.

Simon couldn't be further away from that. Not only is he knowledgeable and skilled but he is able to put it into layman's terms, convey it in an engaging and memorable way and make a workshop feel laid back but structured to make sure we could try everything. I salute him because it's not easy and no one teaches small business owners how to be creative and adaptive, but it's often something they need to be good at to survive.

Under Simon's expert tutelage we took milk through the various stages to make a cheese. In between these stages he taught us how to wax, taste and cut cheese and at lunchtime we each sat down to a cheese board, the remains of which we got to take home with us along with some generous helpings of Wensleydale and Cheddar.

We absolutely loved the workshop and it sits easily in the top 3 things i've done this year. Why? Because it felt good being there in beautiful surroundings, using our hands, seeing something go through a process as a direct response to what we were doing, learning something totally new and feeling like we were actually helping a small business.

I would highly recommend this experience and if you too fancy doing something totally different you can book here.


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