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45. Edible Cinema

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Being single i'm not usually very keen on Valentines Day so I was dreading finding an activity to do and blog about that wouldn't thoroughly depress me.


I like the cinema and I like food and this didn't sound too lovey dovey so I was really excited. The premise is you are given a tray with numbered pots on it containing food or drink, you sit and watch the film and at various points someone holds up a light screen with the relevant number on it to tell you to eat or drink from that pot.

As the screening of 'True Romance' began we found ourselves peering intently at the screen waiting for some mention of food or drink. As it was also a film that neither of us had seen (i know i know. It's a classic!) there was an added layer of intrigue.

On screen Alabama entered the cinema and dropped her popcorn everywhere and we giggled as only 5 minutes earlier my friend Sarah has dropped her tray of food and drink in my lap! As the film played out in front of us we opened our pots one by one to taste:


Delicious (well i liked it so i ate Sarah's too!) smokey tasting popcorn. This was a brilliant start to immersing ourselves as Alabama lit up on screen and Clarence tried to save some of the spilt popcorn.


Yummy sticky cherry pie transported us to that diner.


A little jar of floral tasting gin with a scent pod under it which was sweet and fragrant made me crave the summer.


So yummy i almost missed the drama unfolding on screen because I was focusing on the parcel of tastiness in my hand.


Where can i get me some peach lip balm, i want to taste like peaches!


Giggles and squeals of delight galore for this little witty one. A pot with mouth numbing sherbet to replicate the drugs haul.


Tasted better than it sounded!


A sweet coffee cream to end our gastronomical tour before everything kicked off on screen.

I managed to drop a lot of it down me, as per usual, so I left the cinema smelling like smoke and peaches and flowers. I left smelling like Alabama. And i loved that.

Edible Cinema is a lot of fun, very different as a concept and organised by some truly lovely people. Keep your eyes peeled on their website for future events/.

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