182. Enigma code cocktail experience

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

We walked down an unassuming staircase in a Chelsea restaurant into The Bletchley and were immediately transported back in time. The small room was buzzing with espionage activity that we were keen to immediately be a part of.

With Matthew Wilkinson

Matthew is Project Manager at Our Mobile Health and was stuck working with me on our Devices and Apps tried and tested list for around a year. Our weekly catchup calls were a high point of my week because Matthew is not only really good at his job but he's a good laugh and didn't let me stress about the small things, the sign of a good Project Manager.

Putting on the supplied military jackets we were handed a mission card and asked whether we wanted our challenges to be easy, medium or hard. We went for easy thinking it would give us a nice gentle evening. We also handed over our code names; Agent Pinky and Agent Brain.

Our first challenge came and we nailed it, successfully cracking a safety deposit box code to reveal small vials and atomisers. By spraying some into our mouths and sniffing others we selected our favourites and called them through to the control switchboard using a machine on the wall. They then worked us up a cocktail based on this.

Our second mission came in and wa