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89. Fashion photoshoot

My friend Davs and I decided to do one of those photo shoots you get on Groupon for 20 quid. I'm lucky that I get to have my photo taken quite a lot but I thought it would be a nice treat for us to go together, get dressed up in something ridiculous and pose like two girls going off to prom.

N.B clearly the solution to propping up my neck has been a prop swing / giant ornate mirror all along. Who knew.


When you buy these things you know the deal is too good. £20 doesn't normally get you a makeover and a whole set of photos. That's because it doesn't. You get a makeover, which was brilliant, and then you get to take away 2 photos and you have to choose those 2 photos from the 150 beautiful ones you've spent the last 2 hours taking. The 150 photos where your skin has never looked so luminous before. The 150 photos they just put in the recycling bin and therefore could give you free anyway.

Anyway it was a new experience, the team there were genuinely lovely, the make-up artist really talented and we got to play dress up. Probably wouldn't bother again though.


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