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66. Faulty Towers Dining Experience

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

I've always loved the old TV classics. Only Fools And Horses and Fawlty Towers being my go to's whenever I need something to cheer me up or sooth me.


With Bex Band

Bex is the founder of Love Her Wild, an adventure community for women of all ages and abilities. She organises excursions and I was lucky enough to plan one with her last year. We spent a week with eight other women in the woods surviving on basic rations and equipment.

Bex is one of the loveliest people I know, great fun to spend time with and somehow both a calming influence and an inspiring one. We realised on arriving at this event that this was 1 of 2 times that Bex and I had eaten together inside at a table, with the other 15 or so times being in forests or fields at festivals.


So when Bex said she had tickets for the Faulty Towers Dining Experience I was 90% excited 10% concerned that I might end up with more soup dropped down me than usual. Wearing my most stain disguising dress I stood with Bex waiting for Basil to seat us, giggling at the couple moaning that it was starting five minutes late and wondering if they had ever seen Fawlty Towers.

The actors were brilliant, picking up the roles perfectly and getting everything spot on from voice and language to physicality. The food was just right, simple classics that looked at home being carried by Manuel, but deliciously made. The structure of the evening meant the opportunity for them to be involved in serving the food but then after the main course put on a little longer piece of show between the tables.

I giggled. I guffawed. I snorted. And I absolutely loved it.

'The best way to grow and find your potential is by putting yourself out there and trying new things!' Bex.


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