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17. Gin distillery tour

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Gin. What can I say. We have a love/hate relationship. Me doing all of the loving, it making me sick on my shoes.


With Matthew Wilkinson

Matthew is Project Manager at Our Mobile Health and has been stuck working with me on our Devices and Apps tried and tested list for around a year now. Our weekly catchup calls are a high point of my week because Matthew is not only really good at his job but he's a good laugh and doesn't let me stress about the small things, the sign of a good Project Manager. We deserve this gin, the project had some twists and turns but we got there and we're incredibly proud of it.


Thanks to the District underground line being broken we arrived at the Sipsmith distillery half an hour late. We were greeted with a warm gin drink and guided to join a group of people who were listening to the history of gin. Being at the back of this group we couldn’t really hear but we picked up the gist from key words; syphilis, head heart tails, babies/children drinking gin, swans necks.

First off we were given some of their London Gin to try, surprisingly good neat without ice or mixer and didn't give me 'sambuca face' a term coined by our host. We then moved to a different area of the distillery which meant we could actually be at the front of the group. We tasted one of their flavoured gins, a lemon drizzle cake gin made for Marks & Spencer. Then their chocolate orange gin which was so smooth and their gorgeous syrupy sloe gin.

The distillery is almost outdoors and it was very cold at this time of year so my feet were very much not working at the end of it. I managed to get moving enough to grab a gift bag and head to the pub for some wine to warm up.

'Life experience has taught me to push myself and try new things, travel to new places, even if it means I’m out of my comfort zone. I believe that pushing ourselves doesn’t just create new memories, but it also sculpts the people we are and the people we are going to be.' Matthew.

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