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103. Gingerline's Grand Expedition

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

When I was little sometimes I would fall asleep while reading a book or being told a story and would dream myself into the book. As I got older and the books I read became more serious I chose not to do that anymore.


The Gingerline's 'Grand Expedition' secret dining experience made me feel like a child again, like I'd fallen into a picture book, one that felt very familiar and cosy but where there were new things to find behind every page.

The organisers, who text to let me know the secret location at 4pm on the day, suggested not to blog details about the event as they don't want to spoil it for others and I have to say I agree. I knew absolutely nothing about the event and because of that I walked into the story and was spellbound.

I haven't laughed like that, smiled like that, felt so weightless, talked to animated animals, communicated without words, gobbled down food without knowing what it was, been wide-eyed with so much delight since I was little. There's only one word for it. Joyful.

So I'm going to leave this blog post there, hanging in intrigue because I would hate for anyone not to have the experience I had.

You can book your tickets here.


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