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234. Halloween prosthetics

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Those of a squeamish disposition should avert their eyes now.


With Noemi, Sam and Daniel

Noemi is an artist and design researcher who's work focuses on bioethics and social issues and she's a dab hand at making it look like she's been mauled by a pack of werewolves.


When I saw this workshop advertised I did a little excited whoop of glee. I've always wanted to try this and what better time than the week of Halloween to really scare the people on the bus home (and my friends on Whatsapp) with a realistic wound. It was a small group for the session which was nice and we had around two hours to play with all the materials and get our wounds looking really gorey.

The workshop was held in the Makerversity, a cool space under Somerset House where a community of makers can experiment and learn.

We started by Vaselineing our skin to make sure the hairs didn't get trapped (for the record my hairs still got trapped) and then started to build up layers of latex to create the injury. We mixed cornflour with the latex to make it more bumpy and used cocktail sticks to mess up the surface texture to look more authentic.

When we had done that and it had dried we used face paints to start giving it some depth and colour before adding the 'blood'. This was made from red food colouring and glycerin and just made the whole thing look more real with its gross shine.

I tried to put a few stitches in mine with black thread but sewing through my new fake skin turned my stomach.

This was a really fun workshop and it was kind of satisfying going home on the bus knowing I had this massive oozing scar under my jumper.


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