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184. Hanging out with my cousins

When I was little I wanted to be just like my cousins. I would mimic their northern accents and push my finger into my cheeks hoping to get their dimples. Every time I got to see them I would love it. The three of us sat behind my grandad's sofa playing shoe shops, my poor brother roped in as an unwilling but outnumbered sales assistant.


With Louise Thomasson and Claire Dobson


Years on I'd still like to be like them. They are fantastic mothers to a whole brood of little scamps with northern accents and dimples to die for. We don't catch up as often as I'd like, life inevitably gets in the way of us meeting more regularly than every 3 or 4 years. We have that strange thing where facebook means you know more about each other's lives than you've heard from them directly.

This evening I had the pleasure of their company, and that of their husbands, children, my parents and my Uncle and Auntie, who's 60th birthday is coming up soon but doesn't look a day over 35 somehow (it's those dimples again!)

My cousins and I have made a pact to do something from my list together and I'm excited about seeing them again.


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