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33. Hospital radio

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Music is so powerful it should be prescribed.


With Neil Crittenden

Neil was told he had Parkinson's 12 year ago at the age of 27 after 5 years of waiting for a diagnosis. When he started to struggle with his speech and focus he had to leave the job he loved. Looking for a new focus he came across an advert looking for radio presenters at Addenbrookes Hospital. In the ultimate spirit of F---it he applied and 2 years later his show is still going strong. I salute you Neil!


Neil asked me to join him as a guest on his Saturday lunchtime show which goes out to patients across the main hospital and maternity wards through headsets attached to an entertainment unit next to each bed,

He suggested that I pull together 10 songs that meant a lot to me and we would talk about them on the air.

1. 'Adventure of a Lifetime' Coldplay

This is the way I feel about life. It's one big adventure, good and bad. I love these lyrics in particular: 'Under this pressure, under this weight, we are diamonds taking shape.' It reminds me that good things often come from a tough situation

2. 'Aint Nobody' Chaka Khn

For me it's the ultimate love song. It's how I want to be loved.

3. 'In The Air Tonight' Phil Collins

Three words. THAT. DRUM. BIT.

4. 'Ironic' Alanis Morrissette

This is actually the first song i ever liked sung by a woman!

5. 'Titanium' David Guetta

The ultimate F---it song.

6. 'Shake it off' Taylor Swift

Nothing else to say really other than this is my jam!

7. 'What goes around' Justin Timberlake

Hey ex boss, karmas a bitch isn't it.

8. 'The Middle' Jimmy Eat World

I accidentally once went to see this band a few times on the same tour, I think that makes me a superfan. This song sums up for me what it feels like to get a diagnosis, life doesn't slow down for you to get to grips with it.

9. 'Dancing On My Own' Robyn

I love this song because it’s poppy and upbeat but has a really emotive message, a bit like how I deal with life, putting an approachable gloss on things that are challenging.

10. 'High Five' Sigrid

As a young person living positively with Parkinson's you get a lot of compliments and it would be very easy to let it go to your head. This song reminds me to keep level.

'Radio gave me a purpose again. Music, in my case, is definitely medicine.' Neil.


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