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4. Instagram wizardry

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Like most people I dabble in social media. I only really use it regularly when i'm doing a project like this … I bombard people for a few days and then vanish for weeks, popping up for a quick John Lewis complaint from time to time.

I've always known that if I used it properly my pretty decent following could potentially skyrocket and i'd make some great connections but I never have the time to dedicate to learning some tricks.

So today I bit the bullet and bought an Instagram course from Udemy. It had good ratings and the learning structure seemed to fit with what I want to achieve. It was compiled by SuperSoph, a copywriting and social media wizard.

I settled down with a beaker of vino and watched it from start to finish, completing the activities as I went through. I knew a lot of the basics but thought it was a good idea to start from the beginning and i'm glad I did as she threw in a few useful tricks. The most useful bits were on cross-posting to other social media channels, consistency of posts, captioning and hashtags.

So i'll see if I can start using some of the tricks I learned whilst instagramming about this project and i'll report back. And yes I know I'm supposed to do these activities with someone else but i'm going to teach it to my mum and I had a glass of wine and SuperSoph so I wasn't alone ;)

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