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138. Lipstick making

I used to wear a lot of eyeliner and that was my look. Then as Parkinson's made it harder for me to draw a straight line across my eye I had to tone back the eye make up and started to ramp up my lips instead where there was less room for error..


With Lyds Zatchij

I met Lyds at last week's Museum of Happiness workshop and when i reached out on facebook for someone to join me in this activity she stepped up. Here's to making new friends!


I'm yet to find a lipstick I like both the texture and colour of, they are either too matte or too pale, too shiny or too warm toned.

So when I saw the classes to make a lipstick advertised I thought it was a great opportunity to make something that was totally right for me.

Jin, an art school graduate, set up Token Studio a few years ago to teach others the craft she loves. She said that she discovered how to make lipstick after researching it when she was pregnant with her child, not wanting to put chemicals into her body and wanting to know what was in her beauty products.

It apparently took Jin around a year to work out the exact recipe and method to get the lipsticks right so I won't share her trade secrets with you here but over the space of a couple of hours she led us through the fairly complex process involving spot-on measurement and lots of mixing.

We were absolutely thrilled with the outcome, a lipstick we had not only chosen the exact colour and shininess of but also the shape of and flavour and scent of! Mine takes of strawberries!

This is a great activity for anyone to try especially those who like me have been searching for that perfect shade.

You can book onto Token courses here.


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