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118. London Marathon (from afar)

Today is the first year since I was diagnosed that I haven't gone out and cheered in Greenwich for the marathon runners.


It's a big deal to me that I'm able to show my gratitude to those who put their time and energy into raising money for my condition. I love being out there at the cheerpoint shouting everyone's name that runs past so they know just how special and important each of them are.

This year I got up, showered and dressed in my cyan T-shirt, packed my bag, grabbed a quick snack, remarked at the lack of foot cramp so far and was half out of the door when my neckbrace popped open and broke. Not able to wear my new one for long to start with and not confident navigating the crowds with my head down i'm forced to stay at home and watch from my balcony.

So apologies to everyone who's running that I won't be lending my voice there today but you have my heartfelt thanks forever for what you are doing.

You can support the work of Parkinson's UK and join Team Parkinson's here.


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