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20. Magical cocktails

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

And the winner of 'The Activity So Far That Has Made Emma Squeal With Glee The Most' goes to …… (drum roll) …… The Cauldron!


With Charlotte Jackson

When I first met Charlotte it was through our work together for Parkinson's UK. She headed up the creative team and I was a freelance designer. I had an immediate girl crush on her, competent and lovely, she was the dream boss. Our friendship grew through a selection of Parkinson's related shenanigans (she was my 'date' when I won Charity Comms Inspiring Communicator back in 2014 and got roped into being interviewed with me on London Live for something or another) She became a friend to me outside of work, regularly on the receiving end of WhatsApp messages asking for her opinion on a life decision or ranting about my neck / the hospital / some guy from Tinder.


A lot of the things i'm bubbling over with childlike excitement about this experience and all the micro details that had me enthralled from start to finish, would act as spoilers if you decide to go (which I wholeheartedly think you should.) So i'll try to focus on a couple of things:

The magic

From the moment you walk into The Cauldron you are transported. Handed a wizarding robe and interactive wand you feel the part and are seated at a table with an intriguing cabinet on it. And then the magic starts. I don't fully understand how the wand and cabinet work but it's definitely something close to witchcraft.

The drinks

You start with a delicious mead to wet your whistle while you read the at-table instructions and choose 2 cocktails to make. The ingredients come pre-measured out in a selection of tiny glass vials so it's fairly idiot proof with the Potion Masters (the bar team) leaving you to play other than to pop over from time to time with 'Wyldfyre' (turning the heated infuser on) or suggesting you 'shake it like Beyoncé's been possessed.' The drinks are DELICIOUS, something that can sometimes fall by the wayside when there's novelty involved.

The team

What can I say. They were really helpful and fully in character.

In summary … DO IT DO IT DO IT (tickets here)

'My little girl learnt to clap this morning and she was so happy to master a noisy new skill she’s been practising for week. This year I’m going to try to recognise and celebrate all the new things I learn too - that’s what makes us grow and develop.' Charlotte.


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