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178. Making wontons

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Every month we hold a thing called 'Tea Club' in my housing development where the woman get together and well ... drink tea.


During one of our clubs one of my lovely neighbours said they would love to teach me how to make wontons, a meal they loved making with their family. I, of course, said yes.

She brought with her the perfect Chinese lunch setup; a gorgeous teapot, little drinking bowls, bigger rice bowls, chopsticks etc which was a lovely touch.

The wontons themselves were very therapeutic to make, I can imagine the family sat around making them, a real social activity. Recipe wise a lot of it was guestimates as a result of years of making them and knowing what they should look like but they tasted amazing and that's all that really matters.

Our wontons were filled with a mix of pork mince, raw prawns, spring onion, a tiny bit of sherry or Chinese wine, a tiny bit of soy sauce, a pinch of sugar and egg whites.


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