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39. Mixology

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

There's nothing i like more in life than an icy cocktail. Just maybe not one made by me.


With Lottie Ward

Lottie has been different things to me at various points in my life. She's been a work colleague. She's been a friend. She's been a housemate. And at times she's been more like a sister. There is no one quite like Lottie; she is herself in every situation, giving and friendly to a fault, the life and soul of every room.


So for the purpose of keeping this blog the honest and upstanding memoir it is I need to confess something. I've done cocktail making before so its not a new thing. But cocktail making WITH LOTTIE is very much a new and very unique experience.

I felt like we were the two naughty ones at the back of the class, we hadn't seen each other for a couple of years so were a bit giddy even without the addition of strong spirits. Luckily we were sharing a bench with the lovely Deborah and Kelsey who had it all covered and seemed to be paying attention at the right times. We made five cocktails and tried to drink them as we made them which meant the cocktails got stronger as our free-pouring skills got more lax. We were pretty proud of the outcomes though.

The class was taught by Matilda, clearly very passionate and knowledgeable with a ton of patience. At the end she challenged us as teams on our benches to make a new cocktail that we had never heard of before. In typical Lottie fashion by the time the girls came back to the bench with ingredients they had been fully briefed on The F---it List and on board with creating something that would fit the theme.

I present to you the 'No F---s Given'. I don't know what's in it but it was yummy!

We sent our little baby up for judging and were giggling at it holding its own amongst the other normal cocktails.

And to top off a brilliant night we only bloody won!

You can book a class at TT Liquor here.


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