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171. Outdoor theatre

I haven't been to outdoor theatre since I was a child. Mainly because I live in the UK and the weather can't be trusted.


I saw this performance of Hamlet advertised on Groupon and thought 'f---it, so we might get a bit wet' but the weather really came through for us.

It was held at St Paul's church in Covent Garden, a little oasis in the middle of tourist craziness. The scenes played out in 3 different locations, 1 outside the church, 1 in the next door grassy area and 1 inside the church. We were led through the story and moved from area to area as the plot unravelled.

The actors played multiple characters and the lead, Jenet Le Lacheur, a non-binary transgender actor made such a believable Hamlet.

It was totally brilliant. The acting was solid, the interpretation was so creative and the setting was beautiful. Sadly my neck wasn't playing nice enough to be watching stuff for 2.5 hours and we had to leave at the interval but i'm keen to go back and see the second half it was that good.

You can get tickets here.


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