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40. Pasta making

Nom nom nom nom nom. That is all.


With Mal Stepien

I know Mal from my agency days. She is the perfect buddy for an activity like this, great fun and a perfectionist with a heart of gold our pasta was always going to be a thing of beauty and the process a breeze.


I've always wanted to try making pasta but have never had the confidence to do it and ready made packs are so quick and easy it's too tempting to not bother. But after making and eating fresh, from scratch ravioli today I can see the difference in taste makes it totally worth the extra time and mess.

The beauty of Mattia's class is how simple he makes it seem and all the little tips and tricks he throws in along the way. This makes it totally achievable to make the pasta again at a later date.

Classes with Mattia can be booked here.


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