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187. Playing piano (& impromptu karaoke)

A morning of music making merriment in Manchester. Alliterative and super fun!


With David Sangster

I'm not ashamed to say that meeting David saved me. When I was diagnosed I struggled to process it properly and began having anxiety attacks and withdrew from my social life. My nurse said to me she could either send me to CBT classes or intro me to some people who were diagnosed at a younger age like me. I thought the second option sounded more fun so she put me in touch with David. I loved him instantly. He was making brave, honest content and bringing people together in a way i'd never seen before and he opened a door into a community I now couldn't live without. He will always be a legend to me for helping me get my head straight in that crucial period of time. I'm proud to call him my friend.


The lovely people at Forsyth Music let us use their basement practice room for a few hours so that David could teach me some piano. My hands had other ideas though so after learning a few notes we turned it into an impromptu karaoke session.


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