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101. Portrait

A few months ago I was contacted by the artist Ian Bruce about a portrait project he had planned focusing on people with Parkinson's.


With Ian Bruce

Ian is a ridiculously talented artist and award-winning animator specialising in painting and drawing. On meeting Ian for the first time I immediately felt like he understood me which I think allowed him to capture a true likeness in my portrait.


He had been working on a piece with Geraldine Peacock, a woman diagnosed with Parkinson's 30 years ago who had a story she wanted to depict about her life with (and without) her husband Bob. The stunning outcome of their collaboration is 'Double Portrait.' In the piece Ian paints layers on top of layers to create portraits and photographs every few brush strokes, stitching them together to create an animation.

Using the same technique he created 5 pieces about different people from the Parkinson's community; myself, Shamsa, Dennis, Alex and Paul.

Tonight the results of his work were revealed to us in an exhibition titled 'Parkinson's Portrayed', the final portraits hanging alongside a screen playing the animation.

I love the piece of work because I know at certain points in the painting process that final canvas showed me at different stages of my life with Parkinson's and then were painted on top of. Under this final layer of paint sits all that has gone before. That's a great metaphor for my life. I am the result of everything that has happened to me. What a lovely way to look at life and getting older.

You can view all 5 animations here.

'You don’t know what you’re into unless you throw yourself at it with a f---it attitude.' Ian.


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