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55. Riding in Aston Martins

I didn't realise I was into cars until I heard these ones growl.


With Ian and Alison Thompson

Ian is Chief Technology & Operations Officer at Fidelity International and we met when I spoke at the Fidelity TEDx event. He told me stories of his own 'fuckit' moments and generously offered to take me out in his beautiful cars.


Ian picked me up from the station in an Audi R8 Spyder with a 5 litre v10 engine and I thought to myself 'If this is the car he's using for the station run I'm in for a treat.' It was an unseasonably sunny day so the roof was off and the engine noise was fantastic as we headed to his house to meet his wife Alison.

Because it was a nice day we headed out to a local pub garden. For this trip we took the 1978 Aston Martin v8 (with an Aston Martin engine upgrade to make it 7 litres with approx 500 bhp). This car had beautiful vintage features and I was smitten.

Then later we headed back to the station in a 2003 Aston Martin Vanquish with a 5 litre V12 engine. Very sexy car and the perfect end to a brilliant day.

N.B before anyone comments the engine noises make it sound like we were going quicker than we were. Ian didn't speed or drive irresponsibly, it was just noisy and some fun revving on clear straights and in tunnels.


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