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31. Rock Choir

When I was younger I loved singing. But it's one of the things that as I grow older I get more embarrassed about doing.


With Amy Dodge

Amy is Media and PR Manager at Parkinson's UK so well used to my hairbrained schemes. Most weeks I stop by her desk and utter the words she must dread 'Amy I've had an idea...'. She's always enthusiastic and supportive and barely even flinched when I asked for her help promoting this project and it's media unfriendly name! She's become a friend rather than just a colleague.


I don't have the worst voice but equally I'm no Adele. So when Amy suggested I try Rock Choir with her I had mixed feelings. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and the thought of being terrible at something in front of other people made my anxieties bubble up. Just like it does when a birthday cake appears and singing is obligatory.

I felt a bit more excited than nervous when I got there and the Choir Leader Nicola took us through some physical and vocal warm-ups. My body wasn't playing up to a new crowd as it usually does and was behaving itself enough for me to do the simple movements. The vocal warmups were a good challenge, it's been ages since I harmonised and I loved hearing the sound swell in the church building. Before I knew it I realised I actually felt confident.

We sang two songs, one the others knew well and the second a new one they had been learning for a few weeks. It was great fun and so satisfying. Above everything I was totally in awe of Nicola for her ability to remember and sing all of the parts and co-ordinate us all with the enthusiasm and energy of someone who clearly loves what they do.

And me? I found my voice again.

You can find your local Rock Choir and learn more here.

'I signed up to Rock Choir as a new years resolution to find a new hobby, and six years later I'm still loving it. Even after a long day at work, you turn up and sing with other people for 90 minutes and leave feeling great. So many opportunities have come out of it - I've flash mobbed Chris Evans for TV, performed at Wembley and sang backing vocals for G4. You have these surreal moments during things like that where you think 'How did I get here?' But it's just by having the confidence to say yes more and be open to new experiences, even if they are out of your comfort zone.' Amy.


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