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52. Rubik's Cube

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Until this evening I genuinely never realised there was a system for completing the Rubik's Cube. I always thought anyone managing to make it work was flukey or had too much time on their hands.


With Pete Naish (and George the dog)

I met Pete working at a digital agency. I was designing and he was brought in as a front-end developer and I think he probably cursed me under his breath daily for the designs I created. My first memory of Pete is of going to a team lunch and him eating a burger without licking his lips. No one else took him up on the challenge but he powered through anyway. The boy has tenacity.


Pete gave himself 2 extra challenges tonight. Not satisfied with trying to teach a shaky girl how to manipulate a tricky object, he:

1. chose a bar with coloured lighting that meant we couldn't really see the colours of the cube

2. brought his adorable and hugely distracting dog George who wanted to steal the attention of everyone in the bar including me

Somehow, faced with these challenges we still managed to both complete our cubes in around an hour (I think Pete can normally finish it quicker without shaky girls/mood lighting/fluffball dogs.)

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