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199. Same day groceries

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

I've become an impatient shopper. I decide I need something and don't want to have to wait 5 working days for it to be delivered.


I used to be more patient but things like Argos Fast Track and Amazon Prime have made it easier for me to make last minute decisions on everything from gifts to printer paper. 5 days to me now seems like an age to wait when I can have something the next day or even that afternoon.

I live very close to a Waitrose and grab my food shopping as and when from there but every so often I do a bigger shop at one of the larger supermarkets. As I don't have a car I normally get this delivered and normally there would only be next day delivery slots available. And that annoys me more than it should because I a) only think to do a big shop when i'm craving good food b) I then have to go to Waitrose anyway because there's nothing for dinner.

I am an Amazon Prime subscriber and they sent me a £10 off code to try Prime Now which includes groceries. So cupboards bare and feeling peckish I picked some items from Morrisons at Amazon and 2 hours they it arrived.

I've always thought they must hike the product prices up to cover the convenience but they seemed pretty similar and in a few cases they gave me more of things than I had paid for. I was pretty impressed.

I'm not sure how I'm going to eat 12 jacket potatoes before the end of the week but i'm willing to give it a shot.


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