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42. Starting movements

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Ah pin badges. How can something so small fill me with so much joy?


With Mel and Melissa Smith (Grapevine)


Today was a big day. Two movements I've been working on really started to take flight. The first was Parkinson's UK's new membership structure, Team Parkinson's, something I've been working on the design for the last few months and feel really proud of. It's based on the idea that people can chip in to support the work of the movement in different ways, not necessarily always financial.

The second was this F---it List. It was my first time talking about it at a conference and I got such a great response. I attended the Social Media Exchange, an event held by my good friend Jude aimed at helping charities achieve more creative storytelling and social media. I went to a couple of different talks and found most interesting to be that of Mel and Melissa from Grapevine. They were speaking about movements, something which I really started to build today.

After my talk lots of people approached me and said they wanted an arrow pin badge and how could they help me with my project which is really exciting.

So today I wore both pin badges with pride; the Parkinson's UK brain and the F---it List arrow. Because movements are definitely the way forward.


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